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My name is Hannah. I am 22 years old and I'm loving every second of it! I love hiking, adventuring, finding and visiting new places, baking, watching documentaries, experiencing new things, and of course, I love photography and videography!

I first fell in love with capturing moments when I was 12 years old. I had a little point and shoot camera and I would use every second of my spare time to capture photos of my family and friends. When I was 14, I saved up every penny I could make from doing odd jobs and finally bought my first DSLR camera. That purchase was one that changed my life. Throughout the years my love for photography stayed constant and flourished into a passion. Since then my love of documentation has continued to grow immensely and through the process I also found a love for videography and film. I have put in countless hours and years of practice to find my perfect equation for freezing moments in time in a way that will be cherished forever. 


I look to capture raw emotion; the way that you look at your loved one, the way the you embrace after experiencing a joyful moment, the way you play and laugh together. I look for the small moments that we sometimes miss in our everyday lives, the beauty in the simplicity, and the light in every moment. I am honored that my job and passion allow me to be part of those once in a lifetime kind of moments and would be honored to capture yours. 


"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow"


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Find my on Facebook and Instagram: @munozphotoandfilm 


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